The MEFISTO project is presented at the Italian National Forestry Congress

The 11th Congress of the Italian Society of Forestry and Forest Ecology (SISEF) was held in Rome from 10th to 13th October, where the MEFISTO project was presented through a scientific communication in poster format, which was presented by one of its co-authors, Andrea Laschi: PhD at the University of Florence (UNIFI), the Project Coordinator. The rest of the partners are: the Escola Nacional de Bombeiros (Portugal) (France); the Entente (France), the Tuscany Region (Italy) and the Castilla y León Wood and Forest Service Center (Cesefor), in close collaboration with the Centro para la Defensa del Fuego (CdF) of the Region Castile and León.

The MEFISTO poster: An European collaboration project for shared and standardized training courses in the fire-fighting sector can be consulted on the website of the 11th SISEF Congress (see #c11.21.4). The authors - in addition to Andrea Laschi – are: Foderi C., Travaglini D., Fabiano F., Salbitano F., Chirici G., Marchi E. (all members of the University of Florence).

2017-12-11 11:57