Euforfire Network

Six European entities launch the EUropean FORest FIRE fighting Council

The headquarters of the Escola Nacional de Bombeiros (ENB), partner of the MEFISTO project, hosted recently a meeting of this European initiative, aimed at improving the European collaboration and coordination capacity in the fight against forest fires. The result of this work meeting was also the creation of the EUropean FORest FIRE fighting Council (EUFORFIRE), which will serve to disseminate the practices and results obtained through the collaborative work and knowledge transfer of MEFISTO. The EUFORFIRE network also aims to involve European training centers in the field of prevention and training in the fight against forest fires.

The main objectives of EUFORFIRE concern:

  • Sharing organizational models applied in the Partie’s Countries and share their developments
  • Collaborating for exchanging and training methods and skill evaluation procedures in the forest firefighting
  • Developing and defining the minimum basic knowledge and skills to be developed in the training courses for similar position and command chain
  • Improving mutual collaboration especially in the fields of big fire management and health and safety of forest firefighters


EUFORFIRE will receive the Know-how of MEFISTO project in order to maintain minimum standards in forest fires related professions and activities, which can be applied in all European Countries

According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed, the parties that form this network are, at first, the five partners of MEFISTO project and the agency D.R.E.Am. (from Italy).

EUFORFIRE  Coordination committee representatives:
- Paola Pasquinelli - TUSCANY REGION
- Philip Tosello - ENTENTE
- José Ferreira - ENB

If you wish to receive more details about the initiative or would like to join the network, please write to Paola Pasquinelli: